Taste of Life Magazine is a pioneer media for the high-end Chinese market.

• The flagship magazine for premier lifestyles and luxury consumers.
• The unrivaled leader in diversity and abundance of content.
• The dominant Chinese language magazine valued by our high end readers.
• We offer a flexible, comprehensive and integrated marketing platform.

Inspired by the refined luxury culture of the West and rooted in philosophies and wisdom of the East and opens up a new market of Chinese-English luxury magazines. Taste of Life takes on a culturally relevant and holistic approach in discussing contemporary fashion, culture, and luxury. Its content and visual presentation combines the essence of international and Chinese creative originality; an ideal platform to advance the Chinese consumer’s understanding of Western luxury culture, aesthetics, and values. Additionally, it is also a valuable source of inspiration for English speaking readers to gain insight into genuine, traditional Chinese culture.


Taste of Life Magazine engages affluent and powerful Chinese readers. This affluent Chinese market represents tremendous business opportunities that visionary marketers will want to connect with for immediate and long-term success. Taste of Life Magazine’s advertising partners benefit from an unparalleled consumer connection as we target affluent Chinese between the ages of 25 – 55 who are large consumers with significant buying power. Our readers are successful professionals and business owners from various industries who are active and influential in the Chinese community. Major consumers of fine wines, high end cuisine, superb kitchen accessories and exquisite home products as well as adventurous travelers who are eager to explore the unknown and mysterious world; who are willing to pay for luxurious travel. Our readers are Chinese elite with high education, high income levels and exclusive tastes, including business leaders, celebrities and generators of wealth who are financially stable with considerable social influence and exclusive tastes in elegant lifestyles.



Taste of Life Magazine provides Chinese with refreshing articles as well as practical shopping tips in their own language. The editorial line-up includes features, fashion & beauty, home, food & health, travel and auto. The products and well known brands we recommend to our readers will guide their buying decisions and create trends that will spread among the high end Chinese communities. Each issue of Taste of Life provides in-depth features on Chinese celebrities, distinguished business owners and other significant individuals who have achieved exceptional success.


In addition to the print version, Taste of Life Magazine can be viewed and downloaded online with just a click of a button. A recent study shows that 89% of Mandarin-speaking immigrants use the internet on a weekly basis. Taste of Life E-Magazine provides convenient access to this growing number of online readers and multiplies the number of impressions that advertisers will achieve with Taste of Life Magazine.


Taste of Life Magazine is an international magazine and brand, introducing regional 2-12 issues annually dedicated to the passions and interests of the Taste of Life Magazine Reader.

Over 110,000 annually and growing

North America:
0ver 500,000 annually and growing



  • Available at International Airports
  • In Selected Jewelers & Boutiques
  • Available in over 50 4,5 star hotels
  • Distributed to 500+ Chinese travel guides*
  • To over 200 Chinese travel professionals
  • Distributed to over 50 tour bus companies
  • By high-end Chinese Restaurants
  • To Chinese tourists at top tourist locations

North America:

  • Distributed at Holt Renfrew and high-end retailers
  • Through direct mail to high income households
  • To households with incomes of $100,000 and higher
  • By the leading chain of Asian T&T Supermarkets
  • To Chinese customers of spas and beauty shops
  • To upscale and high-end fashion stores
  • In dozens of high-end Chinese restaurants
  • Through Chinese real estate firm networks
  • By top Chinese real estate agents
  • To luxury automobile dealers


Taste of Life Magazine is brought to life through a spectrum of events true to the pillars of the brand and our advertisers interests — from Luxury Home and Design Show, Business Building Event, VIP Night, Christmas Ball and Chinese Tour Guide Events.

Taste of Life Magazine Events Overview


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