Chinese City Maps.

Our specialized Chinese language city maps for tourists are finding their way into the hands Chinese travelers all over Europe. Our maps are designed especially for Chinese tourists traveling to Europe.

Our Chinese City Maps maps are available free within metropolitan areas including airports, hotels, boutiques, shopping centers and tourist destinations.

Local information can be found and highlights interesting places to visit, museums, shopping and restaurants. Sightseeing is a wonderful way to explore European cities and options include walking, walking tours, bus tours and boat tours.


Chinese City Maps engage affluent and powerful Chinese buyers — Chinese tourists. This affluent Chinese market represents tremendous business opportunities that visionary marketers will want to connect with for immediate and long-term success. Taste of Life’s advertising partners benefit from an unparalleled consumer connection as we target affluent Chinese between the ages of 25 – 55 who are large consumers with significant buying power.



Available Cities

  • Oslo – 100,000 pc
  • Stockholm – 100,000 pc
  • Helsinki – 100,000 pc
  • Copenhagen – 100,000 pc
  • Rovaniemi – 100,000 pc

Available locations

  • Available at International Airports
  • In Selected Jewelers & Boutiques
  • Available in over 50 4,5 star hotels
  • Distributed to 500+ Chinese travel guides*
  • To over 200 Chinese travel professionals
  • Distributed to over 50 tour bus companies
  • By high-end Chinese Restaurants
  • To Chinese tourists at top tourist locations