Launched in September 2009, Taste of Life Magazine (TOL)is the only luxury bi-lingual (Chinese and English) lifestyle magazine in Canada. TOL is dedicated to bridging East and West through a shared appreciation for the beauty and elegance rooted in both traditions. It is an ideal showcase of refined lifestyle inspired by wisdom instilled in us from Eastern and Western cultures. TOL in North America serves as the gateway for Asian immigrants to discover and appreciate Western values, and for westerners to understand authentic Chinese culture.


Taste of Life AB is a Swedish based marketing agency. Our expertise is in the Chinese market and we specialize in connecting businesses and brands with Chinese tourism to Europe. Together with our partners in the US and Canada, we have over a decade combined experience in targeting this expanding and wealthy market. Taste of Life Magazine is a pioneer media for the high-end Chinese market. We also offer a variety of unique services with each reflecting unique engagement with our Chinese viewer and readership.